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Astus is a global geo-spatial information collection and visualization system.

Astus has been developed to play an essential role, and fill a critical gap, in the gathering, evaluation and dissemination of information which persists in most counter-wildlife-trafficking (CWT) missions. In both CWT and CIT (counter-illicit-trafficking) it is often found that information is incorrect and, or incomplete, activities are sporadic and uncoordinated, and the field operatives are active in remote areas with widely differing training levels, communication forms, equipment and support. So, while valuable work has been done to network government agencies, and exchange data through centralized crime databases (for example in the EU), the speedy and correct dissemination of enriched information back to those in the field remains sorely lacking or even non-existent, resulting in the loss of the cumulative benefit and efficacy of the resource pooling and information exchange.

The Astus system provides the CIT/CWT communities with a powerful new collaborative platform which is immediately available and rapidly deployable. All relevant information can be instantaneously collected an secured (and in part verified), then processed and enriched and finally provided back quickly (both respecting the specific chains of command and doctrines followed) in a practical and actionable form to those in the field.

Astus (and its components) can be easily customized and it can also be integrated with , or, operated alongside existing systems. As example, data can be exchanged with other systems such as ArcGIS, DAS or Smart if required.

The Astus System is not only unique in its completeness, but in the employment of leading edge technologies enabling INFORMATION/DATA:


– VOLUNTEERED INFORMATION – collected by Vector App from: Public Informants/Concerned Citizens/Community workers/ Scientists and Researchers etc.
– LINKED SENSOR SYSTEMS – generally all 3rd party sensor systems can be linked to the Astus system to provide data
– EXTERNAL EVENT DRIVEN DATABASES – static as well as 3rd Party event driven data bases can be linked and the frequency of updates set. Also, the Nedshield Global Data Sets are also available for incorporation.
– SHARED AGENCY DATA – where permitted, agency data which is secured and role dependent could also be shared with specific person/roles etc.
– LIVE or NRT DATA (from Rangers/Law Enforcement etc.) – using either the 2D Vectcor App or the 3D Astus App, live information from the field (or the stored off-net information) can be uploaded, when online, to either the Customers servers or the Nedshield GeoSync platform.

– 2D mode: All data can be visualized directly in the Nedshield Astus System either online or on an own internal network. Data is also viewable on the 2D mobile application Vector or the 2D modules in the Astus Ranger or Venator mobile apps. Data and information can be accessed/visualized in other 3rd party systems such as ArcGIS.
– 3D mode: Data and information gathered by the 2D mobile apps or received from other sources can also be seen in the 3D contexts in Virtual Base, Astus or Venator server/online versions or on the associated 3D android tablets or smart phones.
– GeoSync: the data collected by Astus can be visualized in the GeoSync online application. GeoSync acts as a geospatial data staging area, from which the customer can select (and add) which data to be displayed and or exported.
– Visualization Levels: Multiple (unlimited) visualization levels are possible. In general there are three default levels:
o Strategic Level: for the Command/HQ level, where rolled-up data is visible in dashboards, and which can be drilled down into when required.
o Operational Level: for local operational command such as Park Ranger stations who can be confronted with rapidly changing situations and who have to give informed direction to the tactical teams.
o Tactical Level: for the Rangers, Trackers, Law Enforcement officers in the field who need to have clear and accurate information an ASAP basis to provide them the required insights on where to look, to be alerted to and to gauge as best possible.


Once the gathered information is validated, analysed and eventually augmented and enriched (in GeoSync or other GIS systems) the information can be visualized in the Astus COP where the information display can aid startegic decisions, information can also then be disseminated through the transmission of data to the deployed mobile apps (tablets or smart-phone)and,or, other networked systems.

Astus COP: Built on the VB base, the Astus COP (Common Operating Picture) can be accessed online on a Nedshield hosted system, or can be implemented onsite/within the Customers own network. The Astus COP provides role-based access and consists of customizable dashboards, integrated 2D and 3D renderings of the operational (selected) area. A simplified version is can be provided for tablets/smart phones in the field.

An important feature of Astus, is its capability to save and archive a potential mission activities and related data/information. This can then be “played back” in either the 2D or 3D modes, allowing for mission/activity analysis. This can also be used in building scenarios for training purposes as well as for providing tactical alternatives to those in the field.



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