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As live firings are essential to ultimately prove the effectiveness of the INFRA2base structures, materials and armour, Nedshield has selected the TNO Laboratory for Ballistics Research, in the Netherlands for all its testing requirements.


TNO will provide the required displacement, acceleration and deflection measurements for the different INFRA2base infrastructures.


Using TNO`s indoor tool for live firing of RPG type warheads (which are seen as one of the main threats for the INFRA2base infrastructure), the issue of inaccuracy of the impact location which arises when conducting live firing is solved; as the desired impact location and velocity is guaranteed.


Tests are taped using close-up high-speed video, further enhancing the research possibilities (a large range of high and low speed cameras can be set to record the physical effects accurately with a frame rate of up to a million frames per second , using Shimadzu or IMACON cameras).


In addition, TNO employs different pressure sensors with heat- shock- and vibration-resistance – which allow blast measurement under severe conditions, even from within an explosion fireball.


Finally, TNO tests independently against all international ballistic standards.


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