Nedshield helps to develop solutions which improve camp and critical infrastructure design and mission capability. Concepts and solutions are developed to improve deployment speed, operational efficiency, protection levels etc. and reduce overall cost during the life-cycle.


Nedshield`s Consulting Services (CS) are provided by an experienced team of domain experts, who work together in a collaborative way using the various Nedshield design planning and optimization software tools.  These include access to both the integrated global data sets and the 3D visualization and modelling tools.


The combination of our domain experts extensive practical /mission knowledge and the data and tools provide substantial benefits over standard approaches: results can be more rapidly attained, more clearly demonstrated and eventually systemized and incorporated in the client`s organization, mission or project and not simply lost or limited to a “moment in time”.


Nedshield domain experts support projects in the following areas:


  • – establishment of future mission scenarios and contexts (in 3D environment)
  • – practical testing (remote and in situ) of camps, either existing or future
  • – optimization and efficiency studies – (energy, water, waste & protection)
  • – camp logistical footprint reduction
  • – product design/suitability studies
  • – effect of 4th generation hybrid warfare (4GW)