Military Asset Rendering

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Nedshield has established a 3D Rendering unit in order to facilitate the digitization of military assets specifically for viewing:

  • on hand-held devices,
  • in systems where band-width is limited for transmissions and
  • for systems where the graphics budget is minimal.

Generally, all standard output files can be created and the models can be directly imported into the Virtual Base software, GeoSync & Sitcon systems and the DIALdb platform.

3D Rendering/Digital Modelling Process

We transform your 2D drawings, AutoCAD plans, Revit, or Sketch Up files into various levels of detail from framework representations to photo realistic visualizations.

In the case that the asset/object to be rendered does not have a design drawing or specification, we can re-create the digital model (3D geometries) from photographs (either from submitted photo images), via our own android data assimilation app or via our on-site team. It is also possible to request to use drones with LiDAR or other sensors for image capture.

Once the initial files are obtained, our production process will be followed:

  • Pre-production: optimization of 2D/3D raw files. Removal of unnecessary data, corrections and or addition of deeper levels of detail. Costing review is possible.
  • Production: initial wire-frame views from the digital model.
  • Detailing: once confirmed, detailed rendering is undertaken.
  • Graphic Budget Check: created models are checked at various stages of detail for budget levels in our visualization environments.
  • Delivery Final feedback loop/comments final delivery.