Nedshield has partnered with SIMGUN in order to provide teams and operators with the most advanced and state of the art tactical laser training system.
The SIMGUN laser training system is a fully connected simulated gun module where consequences are immediately felt. SIMGUN is highly precise, efficient and upgradable. It is uncomplicated to use and highly cost-efficient. SIMGUN allows for highly realstic force-on-force training to be conducted, completely safely, and in all simulated as well as real/actual invironments – without causing damage/harm to the surroundings.
Some SIMGUN advantages:

Precision: immediate, clear hit recognition with highest precision
High Range: employing special laser technologies, SIMGUN achieveS a range of over 1,000 meters.
CQB & Sniper Situations: both close quarter combat, as well as sniper situations can be trained.
Flexibility: SIMGUN can be programmed flexibly so that the integrated virtual “life-energy” can be adjusted allowing training leaders to decide how many hits will cause a drop out.
Easy Attachment: SIMGUN fits all modern weapons with a rail. The laser unit is easy and fast to attach to all Picantinny above MIL-STD-1913.
Hits: Head or body hits can be distinguished with SIMGUN and when a trainee/player drops out, it is registered via blinking LEDs, vibration on the vest and a beep. Additionally, the laser is turned off, and it is no longer possible to shoot. The blocking unit, an optional add-on, can additionally turn off the AEG (airsoft gun), in order to ensure even more realism.
Multiple User Weapons: SIMGUN enables each trainee to use up to three laser units simulataneously (3 weapons) per session. These offer numerous settings, for example the virtual magazine size and firepower. If AEGs are used in training, the blocking unit turns the weapon off when the magazine is empty.
Wireless System: SIMGUN does not require any annoying cables. All the system components are connected via a secure and encrypted wireless system.
Tactical Analysis: can be undertaken either live with a combination of the SIMGUN hit metrics and or in the Nedshield COP (common operating picture system).



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