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Drone Threats …. Fact or Fiction?

You see and hear it all around you in the media: your security, business, person and privacy is threatened and this will be a +25-50 billion year business by 2025. With this explosive growth there are more systems coming on the market and many claims to defeat the threat…

How can I know what is fact or fiction?
How can I determine what the threat is ?
What are my options and costs?
Do I need a defence system or just a protocol or operational and legal advice?

Nedshield has been engaged in drone defence and mitigation designs for military forward operating bases (FOBs) since 2012 and drone systems since 2014 and now offers:

  • 1. independent drone threat analysis consultancy
  • 2. drone detection systems
  • 3. drone counter-measure systems

We understand the threat, the technology and keep up to date with the advances. We produce and offer the Nedshield DDMS drone detection and counter-measure/mitigation systems.

Nedshield Drone Threat Consulting – provides clients the ability to evaluate the potential threat and establish quickly and cost effectively, an appropriate course of action. When required, drone defence for either a single site or across the whole company can be created using best practices and the experience of Nedshield’s tactcial experts. Nedshield’s stepped approach includes: the initial briefing, (actual) threat analysis, viable solution options and client specific tactical protocols. Periodic system traning and testing can also be provided by professional/military trained drone pilots.

Nedshield Drone Detection System – is based on a multi-sensor / multi-technology approach. Solutions are implemented on a site-by-site basis. Existing customer hardware/systems are also taken into account and can be integrated with the Nedshield COP system if required. When counter measures are to be implemented, the DDMS mitigation system (or other) can be added.

Drone Counter-Measures – Nedshield employs various technologies as counter-measure to combat drone intrusion and attack. The choice of which is determined by the desired response and the actual tactical effectiveness that can be achieved in the situation.

Please contact us for further information : info@nedshield.com