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It is well known that the proliferation of publically affordable drones poses a threat for private persons, business and both the civil and military forces alike. However, with the rapid technological advancements currently being made and given the inadequacy of regulations to keep pace—this threat is now unprecedented.


Simple drone detection is not sufficient, and in cases of national security and domestic crisis management, conventional means of neutralization is not a viable option.


Nedshield`s Anti-Drone solution (the “drone-dropper”) provides a safe  and effective counter-measure through the instant creation of a “no-fly zone”.  This cutting edge technology is rapidly deployable,  scalable and non-invasive.


Anti-drone is Swiss designed and made and is a fully automatic ECM Unit, capable of automatically detecting radio signals in a given security perimeter within a predefined frequency spectrum Anti-drone is capable of “flash” jamming the detected frequencies immediately and automatically.