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Nedshield 2iS Technology


Following the Dutch principle of „meten is weten“ (measurement provides knowledge), Nedshield continues to place great emphasis on the constant monitoring of all parts of the INFRA2base project development and concept design. INFRA2base however, goes further with critical measurements being conducted throughout the production as well as deployment phases.


Nedshield is now in the process of developing its 2iS technology. This includes the incorporation of FBG sensor technology into the INFRA2base infrastructure and composite materials. The 2iS technology is aimed at providing inanimate structures with an artificial nervous system to monitor structural integrity with the imbedded sensors being able to measure pressure, temperature, strain, flows and even chemical exposure.


The 2iS “micro” systems, provide sub-ms response time ad boast life-time calibration. They are immune to EM interference and these passive systems have no moving parts, do not generate heat and are consequently fire and explosion safe. They have extremely low energy requirements and can be deployed over very long distances (10Km+), and in any environment.