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Nedshield has partnered with S4S in order to complete its Training Services Suite offering and to address the link between the Executive Policy/Strategy-making level and the Executional level.
Together with S4S, Nedshield offers a completely vertically integrated and “closed circuit training” program which can be excercised through all stages of the chain of the command, covering the strategic, operational and tactical aspects.
The use of the S4S realistic crisis management games, wargames and table top exercises (which are based on and include clear objective setting, high target audience engagement and the use of highly-realistic film clips and audio visuals), together with a combination (as appropriate) of the Nedshield software systems (the COP and mobile apps) and the Nedshield TTOS tactical teams (which can also be equipped with SIMGUN) it is possible to create an “ultra-realistic” training environment.
No longer does one have to remain content with training (and testing) independently hoping that in the real situation “it will all come together”.
Using Nedshield’s integrated Policy, Strategy & Tactics Training (PSTT) Program, you are now able to experience a truly holistic training which is extremely effective and affordable.

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