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Nedshield TTOS (USA) specializes in the provision of combat/tactical tracking, network defeat, C-IED and advanced counterinsurgency (COIN) training and consulting services to SOF, Conventional Units, Law Enforcement Organizations (LEO), and Other Government Agencies (OGA). TTOS also provides custom force-on-force training utilizing the latest SIMGUN training systems and provides tactical support to wild-life conservation and anti-poaching organizations.
Since its inception in 1994, TTOS has focused exclusively on developing training programs of instruction (POIs) to enhance Ground Force Personnel’s operational effectiveness, survivability, and targeting capabilities. TTOS initially started by providing visual and technical tracking training; Combat Tracking to elite and conventional military units; and Tactical Tracking to law enforcement. Since then, TTOS has expanded on the POIs it offers to military and law enforcement communities, especially in the areas of Man Hunting, Visual Tracking, Dismounted Targeting, Counter Improvised Explosive Devices (C-IED), Network Defeat, Transnational Border Interdiction and Targeting, Non-Proliferation.
TTOS’s innovative methodologies and development of training programs have had considerable influence on US Department of Defense (DoD), US Department of Homeland Security, and Coalition Forces training programs. The key to TTOS’s success is the approach and methodology it utilizes to address current and developing requirements.
TTOS continually expands and improves its programs of instruction (POI), lesson plans, its doctrinal library and the use of cutting edge technologies. TTOS offers a variety of standalone course to its clients, such as;
• Combat Tracker Train The Trainer (CT4)
• Combat Tracker Course – Level I, II, and III – Mil
• Jungle Operations / Combat Tracker Course – Mil
• Unconventional Warfare Combat Tracker Course (UWCTC) – SOF (RESTRICTED)
• Escape and Evasion (RESTRICTED)
• North America Strategic Reconnaissance and Austere Recovery Course (RESTRICTED)
• Battlefield Forensic Training and Site Exploitation Course (BFT/SE-C)
• Law Enforcement Tactical Tracker Train The Trainer (T5) – Level I, II, and III – LEO
• Tactical Tracking Course – Level I, II, and III – LEO
• The Rural Law Enforcement Academy (RLEO – Apex) – LEO
• Rural Narcotics Operations Course – LEO
• TTOS K9 – LEO/Mil
• Search and Rescue (SAR) and
• Custom/Hybrid Courses


Mobile Training Team (MTT) Capabilities
TTOS is experienced in planning and executing training at any location, based on client requirements, and to include CONUS/OCONUS, urban/rural, or remote supported sites as required. TTOS employees currently provide training support to elements operating in theaters of combat, low-intensity conflict, and other uncertain environments. MTT deployments to OCONUS (Combat Zones) is possible.
TTOS has an established an excellent past performance record of supporting DoD, and other domestic and foreign government contract requirements. TTOS has been conducting training for DOD, DOJ and LEA personnel since 1994. TTOS has executed hundreds of small and large contracts and trained over 4,000 military personnel since its inception. References provided on request.

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