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In order to accomplish the Nedshield objectives of improving mission capability effectiveness and cost efficiency, Nedshield has and continues to commit in excess of 30% of its revenues to the research and development of new technologies.


Nedshield’s technology is centered around the development and acquisition of proven techniques, skills, methods, and processes which strengethen and advance the Nedshield software solutions, its tactical training services and which support the more effective deployment and use of its special products.


Nedshield has established, and continues to strengthen its technological leadership position in the following areas:


  • – Mission/Camp design,planning and visualization tools (Virtual Base)
  • – Mission/Camp infrastructural asset visualization and tech collaboration platforms (DIALdb)
  • – Camp Management Systems for energy,water,… (CMS)
  • – Global (geo-spatial) Data Sets (GDS)
  • – 2D & 3D GeoSpatial Android Apps (Venator,Astus and Venator)
  • – 2D & 3D Universally deployable Common Operating Picture System (UniCOP)
  • – Counter-Illicit Trafficking Systems (CITS)

  • – Tactical Tracking Training Systems (TTOS)
  • – Force-on-Force Training Systems including hardware (SIMGUN)

  • – Semi-Rigid rapidly deployable units (SeRRDU)
  • – Drone mitigation (Anti Drone)
  • – Tactical Training Force (Anti Drone)