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Vector is a 2D mobile geo-spatial data collection app.


Vector allows for  data in the form of either photos, video, sound or text to be easily collected, and automatically geo-referenced. Data can be gathered in either online – or  in “off-net” mode on the android tablet or mobile phone. On the device, the data is stored in an enrypted format. When the user is in transmission range the data can be communicated safely and securely (also encrypted files) to either the Nedshield GeoSync platform or directly to a location/s of the customer’s choice.

Data can also be collected by icon-selection and using a unique taxonomy structure which allows simple as well as complex data to be collected. This taxonomy is easily customizeable and allows for the standardization of data entries and facilitates rapid data entry. Full unit tracking in NRT (Near Real Time) is also available and this data feed can be linked to the Nedshield Common Operating Picture (COP) system.

Initially developed only to collect information and data on animal sightings and illegal poaching activities from Mali informants, it was soon found to be very useful to conservation officers, park rangers and law enforcement in Central African Republic (CAR) for the broader aspects of counter-wildlife trafficking (CWT)/counter-illict trafficking (CIT) activities, such as poacher and animal tracking tracking, evidence gathering and documentation.

CAR field tests showed that Vector was able provide highly accurate GPS co-ordinates even in very remote areas and under dense tree cover jungle/tree cover. The rangers were also able to use non-expensive android devices which would reduced the overall cost of using such a system.

Vector is highly configurable and with minimal effort can be customized to collect all types of scientific data. It can be linked to external sensor/sensor systems and the user interface is multi-lingual. Data which has been collected can also be exported and or sorted via the Nedshield GeoSync platform (geo-spatial data staging area/platform) or sent directly to another Geos-spatial platform such as ArcGIS. For the wild-life conservation organizations, Vector can also be made to be interoperable with the SMART and DAS systems.

Vector’s accuracy, tracking capability, its encrypted communication, secured online platform and geo-referenced and role-based security brings the user the latest technology which is easy to use, easy to maintain, and very affordable for all organizations.


    • – Counter-Wildlife-Trafficking (CWT)
    • – Counter-Illicit-Trafficking (CIT)
    • – Border Control: Tracking Crossings
    • – Law Enforcement: Neighbourhood Watch
    • – First Responder Incident Reporting
    • – Conservation : Research Data Gathering 
      For each of the above application areas, Vector can be linked with the Nedshield 3D Terrain apps (Astus/Venator) and Nedshield Common Operating Picture (COP)

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